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How To Choose And Use A Diamond Painting Pen!

Paint diamond art is a relaxing and fun hobby for all ages. If you are new to this DIY craft, you might want to get familiar with all the tools you need to paint your diamond artwork. Each of our kits comes with a diamond painting pen which is essential for your experience to help you pick up the diamond drills and place them onto the canvas to create shining and stunning mosaic art! You might think how complicated a pen would be! If you are a beginner at this fun craft, we would love to give you a guide on how to choose a pen from all these varieties and bring your diamond painting experience to the next level!

What is a diamond painting pen?

Each of our kits comes with a basic single drill tip diamond painting pen. It is easy to use your pen to pick up a single diamond and place it in the matching grid. But sometimes, you might want to place multiple beads at one time. Then, you need more advanced pens to help you speed up the diamond painting process.

How to Use Your Diamond Painting Pen

Simply grab your diamond painting wax and press the head of the diamond painting pen into the wax. Now, your pen tip is filled in with wax. Use this side to grab a diamond and place it on the corresponding grid on the canvas. You can repeat the step once you realize your wax in the pen is running out. Simply stick the tip into the wax to get more.

Different types of diamond painting pen tips.

1 Bead tip:

pick up a single drill at a time

1 Bead elbow tip:

pick up a single drill at a time with a better vision angle

1 Bead Stainless Steel Tip:

pick up a single drill at a time with stainless material

3 Beads tip:

pick up 3 drills at a time

9 Beads tip:

pick up 9 drills at a time

Straightening Tip:

line up diamonds on canvas

Different Types of Diamond Painting Pen Styles

Pen styles could be endless! There are various choices from the sizes, materials, colors, hand-made options! You can choose any style that meets your needs to make your diamond painting experience unique and fun.

Why Choose Whoa House Diamond Painting Pen?

Whoa House diamond painting pen collections come with several unique pen designs. From hand-made resin pens with pen holders to acrylic pens with mermaid tail designs. In each design, we offer different colors for you to choose from. We have resin pens with glitters and watercolors to make your diamond painting tool collection special from others. Multi-placer pen tips will come along with your pen. Make sure anything you need is on your hand!

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